The solution to ingrown hairs, pimples and minor skin conditions is now available online!

Thar’s specially formulated antiseptic ointment has been soothing and repairing infected skin conditions such as ingrown hairs, acne, pimples, boils, splinters and thorns for over 100 years.

Used for generations, Thar’s is now the go-to solution to relieve and resolve ingrown hairs. 

Traditionally packaged in a beautiful, highly decorated tin, today the same unique formula is available in a 30g tube for convenience and ease of use.


Soothes & Relieves

Laboratory tested and proven antiseptic, Thar’s fights infection and protects damaged skin. It reduces inflammation and assists the healing process by drawing out issues under the skin.

  • Ingrown Hairs

    Sooth infection and draw out painful ingrown hairs effortlessly.

  • Pimples & Boils

    Calm and draw out pimples and boils without agitating and scarring the skin.

  • Splinters & Thorns

    Draw pesky splinters and thorns to the surface while soothing irritation.

  • Saddle Sores

    Fight infected hair follicles and heal boil like sores with effective antiseptic properties.

Proudly Australian Made and Owned For Over 100 Years

Dr Thar’s Wonderful Ointment

The Ready family brought Apothecary training with them when they immigrated from England in 1851 and their Rutherglen pharmacy was well known for their remedies and curative potions and ointments. 

Their release of “Dr Thar’s Wonderful Ointment” by Thomas Harris Archibald Ready, who’s initials form the product title, was an antiseptic poultice ointment designed for the relief from “poisoned sores, pimples, piles, eczema, bad legs, and all skin diseases” and also emphasised its powers as a drawing ointment.

Thar's, A Household Name

By the '60's, fame of its efficacy meant that the ointment was a household name and was widely available across Victoria. 

Gerard McConvill proudly stocked Thar's in his Bourke Street pharmacy, “Sutcliffe's Pharmacy”, one of the oldest in Melbourne and the official chemist to The Governor of Victoria. 

It was a beautiful example of the Victorian era. The shelves, draws and counters were of polished mahogany and there was an abundance of leadlight, crystal knobs, brass and marble scales and an original National Cash Register. 

Distribution and Popularity Reignited

In the late '80's the family formula was re-established by Sutcliffe Laboratories, taking on a new tin and a media campaign. Interest in the product was reignited by customers seeking natural skin care products and a return to tried and true medicines that work. 

Determined to offer their microbiologically tested product to sufferers of eczema, pimples and boils, distribution spread from Victoria to Tasmania and the ACT and demand outstripped supply. 

Thar's Original Antiseptic Ointment 30g Tube

Newly Released in a Tube

Excitingly, Thar's has been released in a handy tamper-evident tube format ensuring higher levels of product integrity and user convenience.

With demand as strong as ever, we have made the switch to online sales so you can shop direct from Thar's today.

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Helping People For Over 100 Years

We frequently receive mail from all over the world praising the efficacy of the product.
We couldn’t be more proud.

  • "Thars Ointment is really the best and most versitile ointment that l have used. I think that it is a real champion and unequalled for a variety of uses including ingrown toe nails."

    Robert - Elsternwick, Victoria

  • "I cannot speak more highly of your wonderful product, Thar’s Ointment.
    I am the 3rd Generation to have used it."

    Carol - Kerang, Victoria

  • "As a long standing and regular user of Thar’s Ointment, even during the years I lived in England, I considered it to be nearly as important as Vegemite."

    Mrs H. - Coolum, Queensland

  • "I have used Thar’s Ointment for over 40 years and find it excellent for most skin conditions."

    Mrs Heales - Bundaburg, Queensland

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