Solutions for Sensitive Cycling Sores

Solutions for Sensitive Cycling Sores

For the vast majority of cyclists, if you spend enough time in the saddle, you’ll have to deal with saddles sores at some point. Even when you ride with the best, most comfortable chamois, your nether regions are continuously subject to heat, moisture, chafing and pressure. It’s the perfect environment for bacterial pathogens.

In addition to ingrown hairs, boils, abscesses and saddle sores are not uncommon – doctors and dermatologists see them all the time. These bacteria-filled pores in sensitive areas like in or on the back of your thighs or in your crotch can really hurt, making riding downright unpleasant.

The physical act of cycling produces friction which can lead to irritation, and sweating during a ride means you’re making a nicer home for bacteria than most people.

Thar’s Original Antiseptic Ointment dual action formula provides relief from the inflammation while drawing irritations out. Gently massaged into the affected area twice daily can provide fast acting relief and repair so you can get back in the saddle.

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